Distributor and brand CROW was founded by the athlete Renan "Crow" Faccini with his long experience of 18 years in bodyboarding.


In 2013-2014 we developed the complete line and brought the Europen brand RESPECT Bodyboards to Brazil through the Mafia Bros Dist, founded by the Faccini brothers.


In 2015 Skull Boards was founded with the aim of having high-quality products at an affordable price in Brazil, we also forced all our competitors to have fairer prices on imported brands in the national market.



We made collaboration with the brand Ogio of travel bags and we developed collab Coolers with them. We also worked with the YouRiding game to develop the SKULL bodyboards as playable boards, for athletes to have available in-game the same boards they use when surfing.



We launched the Slasher Pull 2.0, the first winch in the world suitable for Tow Out practice, giving athletes the opportunity to not rely so much on waves to do big tricks on small days.



CROW was born with the innovation of the CROW GRIP decks, and with them we reinvented the decks for bodyboarding.

We will continue to do everything we believe is essential for Bodyboarding to grow and will continue to innovate and bring the best there is to the sport along with affordable prices so more people can be in the water with high-quality products.